5 Profitable ventures with Gravity Forms and WordPress

5 Profitable ventures with Gravity Forms and WordPress

In this podcast episode, Matt kicks things off by talking about the release of the Conversational Forms Add-On. Matt will be hosting more Gravity Forms 101 livestreams on the main YouTube channel.

Matt then delves into the meat of the episode, exploring different avenues to generate income with Gravity Forms. Matt asked ChatGPT to provide us with 5 ways to run a “Gravity Forms agency” and the go to market strategy to use. ChatGPT suggests starting a custom form development agency, a data analytics and reporting agency, a Gravity Forms training agency, a Gravity Forms maintenance and support agency, and a Gravity Forms integration agency. Matt takes the time to rate each opportunity and shares his personal thoughts on their potential profitability.

As the episode progresses, Matt shifts gears and welcomes Joe Casabona to the podcast. They engage in a lively conversation about the benefits of utilizing Gravity Forms for podcasting and content strategy. Joe, an expert in this field, shares his experiences and highlights the advantages of incorporating Gravity Forms into podcasting workflows. Together, they emphasize the importance of repurposing podcast episodes to maximize their reach and impact.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights and creative ideas for leveraging the power of Gravity Forms while also delving into the world of podcasting. Whether you're interested in monetizing Gravity Forms or starting your own podcast, this episode has something to offer.

Important links
- https://www.gravityforms.com/add-ons/conversational-forms-add-on/
- WordCamp US 2023 – National Harbor, Maryland, August 24-26, 2023
- Gravity Forms 101 livestream
- How I Built It
- https://www.linkedin.com/learning/using-gravity-forms-in-wordpress-a-comprehensive-guide
- https://twitter.com/jcasabona

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Matt Medeiros🎙
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