Anti-spam & fireworks; Building a directory site with Gravity Forms

Anti-spam & fireworks; Building a directory site with Gravity Forms

Matt and Dustin recently celebrated the launch of Turnstile 1.0, a solution to the problematic CAPTCHA screens that currently exist. It provides an upgrade over the older version and has received positive reviews from the tech community, with Dustin particularly keen to implement it on his WordPress sites. They discussed Google's surprising business decision to sell their domain registration business, and their trend of launching and then discontinuing products. They speculated on how this might affect sites that rely heavily on CAPTCHA for security.

The duo also discussed updates and plans for Gravity Forms. They noted minor updates to Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow, but the release of Turnstile 1.0 stood out as the most significant add-on. Additionally, a tutorial video on how to set up Turnstile 1.0 is scheduled to be released on the 4th of July. In their conversation about donation form creation and customization with Gravity Forms, Matt talked about his recent experience in creating a donation form and expressed interest in user experiences with selling products or donation forms. Dustin expressed his desire for more customization options in Orbital, highlighting a potential future update for the platform.

Michelle Frechette, one of the co-founders of, discussed how they use Gravity Forms and Gravity Kit to allow individuals to enter their profiles, making them discoverable through a search function. This project, started with Allie Nimmons, provides an essential community service without requiring extensive development costs.

What's new in WordPress segment:
  • WordCamps are set to change - In May 2023, WordPress' Community Team announced a significant shift in the WordCamp format to promote adoption, training, and networking for professionals, with eight pilot events confirmed to launch in 2023. These events, which include the first ever Low-Cost WordCamp in Leipzig, Germany, and a "WordPress Day" in Sevilla, Spain, are designed to be more experimental and flexible than the previous WordCamp format. The Community Team is still accepting pilot events for 2023 and is also scheduling into 2024, inviting prospective event organizers to submit their creative ideas.
  • Naming the new Command Center in WordPress - WordPress contributors are debating the renaming of the Command Center, a feature introduced in Gutenberg 15.6 that serves as a quick search and command execution tool. The discussion, initiated by contributor Reyes Martínez, revolves around whether the name "Wayfinder" would better represent the feature's use cases and appeal to a less technical audience. However, many participants argue for a name that clearly describes the feature and aligns with industry conventions, such as "Command Palette," with the final decision yet to be made.