Behind the Scenes at Gravity Forms Support + Holiday Updates!

Behind the Scenes at Gravity Forms Support + Holiday Updates!

On the latest episode of the Gravity Forms Breakdown podcast, host Matt Rechenburg shares highlights from the recent Gravity Forms Summit for agencies and freelancers. He also interviews veteran support engineer Chris Hajer to give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at Gravity Forms support.

Strategies for Using Gravity Forms to Boost Sales
Kathy from the summit presents strategies for using Gravity Forms to close more sales by streamlining the process and removing friction for customers. She explains how Gravity Forms can be leveraged to build genuine relationships by aligning your goals with your customers' goals.

Challenges and Solutions in Project Management
David discusses the exciting challenges of managing both client projects and internal projects with complex requirements that extend beyond standard plugin functionality. With deadlines always looming and limited time, he explains why GravityWiz consulting can help conquer any Gravity Forms project on time.

Interview with Veteran Support Engineer Chris Hajer
Chris has been with Gravity Forms since 2011, before their current office was even built! With over a decade of experience, he provides uniquely knowledgeable and high quality responses to customer support issues. Chris explains that the diversity of Gravity Forms users keeps things interesting - from new users with basic questions to complex systems built around Gravity Forms over 10+ years. He loves helping manipulate Gravity Forms data using add-ons like CRM integrations and Zapier.

The following Gravity Forms add-ons were recently updated:
  • ConvertKit 1.0
  • Stripe 5.3 and 5.4
  • Turnstile 1.1
  • Chained Selects 1.7
  • Conversational Forms 1.2
  • Polls 4.2
  • PayPal Checkout 3.0