Why Gravity SMTP & Doing more with GravityKit

Why Gravity SMTP & Doing more with GravityKit

In this podcast episode, Matt announces some updates and collaborations related to Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is now on WordPress.com, making it easier for small businesses to use the plugin.

Matt interviews Adam Pickering, the lead product designer at Gravity Forms, discussing his role in designing the visual aspects of the plugin. They also talk about the new Gravity SMTP feature, which addresses email sending challenges. The conversation includes discussions about beta testing, integrating Mailgun, and the benefits of using Gravity SMTP.

Matt interviews Zack Katz on GravityKit and its add-ons, as well as the importance of customer support.

Zack elaborates on the different add-ons offered by GravityKit, which are designed to extend the functionality of Gravity Forms. These add-ons provide users with additional features and customization options, allowing them to tailor their forms to meet their specific needs. Zack highlights the benefits of using these add-ons, such as improved form validation, enhanced conditional logic, and advanced file uploads.

The episode concludes with a mention of the upcoming release of Gravity Migrate, a new add-on for moving form data between sites.

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